Perth’s Youth Are The Future

There are many funding options and creative opportunities available for young people in this decade. If you are under 25 and looking for work, definitely consider being an au pair in Australia or the UK, it’s an awesome job and allows you to stay with a family while you travel overseas.

Older readers should switch off their security cameras (Perth‘s youth are not dangerous) and embrace the opportunities we can offer young people. Philanthropy often has tax benefits and makes for fantastic PR opportunities.

  1. Opportunities for discounts on capital equipment such as digital multimeters can be pursued. This can take the edge off your project budget before you’ve even begun.
  2. Youth arts funding such as Propelarts’ YCulture can be accessed for community events.
  3. Non-profit youth organisations can access Lotterywest’s large pool of funding.
  4. Co-ordinating everything from property management in victoria park or funerals in Bunbury can be organised through outside assistance and often included in grant applications.
  5. There are enormous supports avaliable for young parents attempting to work in the industry. Talk to Centrelink about what assistance they can provide in this respect.
  6. Why not get qualified?  LTT offer Laboratory Training courses through Perth. Get a kickstart on your career by backing yourself with a qualification.

It’s advisable to think long-term while running projects; while it may seem like you are too young to consider investment properties, starting with a small unit or flat may be just the trick for setting you up for larger investments later in life. You simply need to keep it in good condition, with regular maintenance and commercial cleaning.

For more information on the opportunities available to young people, head to the Commissioner of Youth and Young People’s website.